1963 Land Rover Series IIA 88 (SWB) Safari Station Wagon
For Sale - best offer between $4,000 and $10,000


Right Rear Quarter

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Much work has been done on this Rover and I used it as a daily driver in Kansas City, Missouri for many years. It is real fun in the snow :). If you are familiar with the Series IIA you will know that it will go just about anywhere, and has done. There is little mechanical work left to do on this vehicle, some ancillary equipment could be improved, and a paint job would produce a vehicle worth $15,000+. I have spent approx $10,000 so far, buying it, having the engine rebuilt and new chassis professionally replaced.
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Galvanised Chassis
Rebuilt engine
New Exhaust
Safari Top
New Fuel Pump
Rebuilt Carburetter
Right Hand Drive
Original Owners' Handbook
Original UK reqistration document
Haynes Workshop Manual
48" Farm Jack (new and never used)
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Vehicle first registered on January 1st 1964 and used to tow ponies to shows. Later used on a farm in Surrey, England and as transport for the Farmer, his wife and their 4 children on vacations. As the children grew up the farmer bought a Landcruiser.
I bought the vehicle in 1998, as a reaction to a motorcycle accident.
With the imminent cesation of supply of leaded fuel in the UK, I had a new cylinder head installed so it would run unleaded gas. This was done by a friend of mine, a mechanic who serviced such vehicles whilst serving in the British Army. At the same time he rebuilt the engine with new cylinder liners and crankshaft shell bearings amongst other parts.
I had approx $5,000 of further work carried out by Gumtree Enterprises, a Land Rover specialist, who replaced the chassis with a new galvanised chassis, upper driver door, new rear tires, and other items sufficient to pass the UK Ministry of Transport vehicle test. I then had them ship the vehicle to the US, via Southampton and Galveston.
Left Southampton November 27th 1999.
Arrived in Galveston, TX January 7th 2000.
I had planned to pick the vehicle up in Galveston and drive it back to Kansas City, MO, but problems with the engine forced us to have it transported instead. I can only think that they had assumed it ran diesel fuel, as having cleaned out the carb and replacing the fuel in the tank, it ran without any problems.
I used it around KC to tow a trailer whilst doing some woodworking jobs. I never used it seriously off road, even though I was a memberof the Flatland Rover Society. It really is sure footed in the snow, and a lot of fun.
I replaced a rear half shaft that snapped, the exhaust system, soldered the radiator, bypassed the ignition switch, installed a new pintle tow hook/ball (1 7/8”), installed rear rubber mat cut from a Chevrolet truck mat from BigLots, new Cibie Headlights. Replaced front sidelight lens.
We relocated to Florida and I towed it on a car hauler behind a Penske truck. Our plans were to open a Bed and Breakfast, at which point I was going to do some more work on the Rover. Unfortunately our plans have changed and I am now forced to part with it.
I have recently replaced the fuel pump and battery. The engine runs really smoothly apart from a sticking float valve. I have rebuilt the carb using a Solex kit, but the new valve sticks also (could be old fuel). The gearbox jumps out of second occasionally. I had thought of replacing the gearbox with one from a Series III, which has syncromesh on all gears instead of the top 2. Four wheel drive and hi/lo ratio boxes work well.
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New 3 piece exhaust system.
2 x Set of points.
2 x Condenser.
Distributer rotor.
Original 2” tow ball.
Original windsceen washer top (glass bowl froze and broke).
Some parts of original heater (core was faulty when I bought it).
Rubber door seal.
Haynes Workshop manual.
Original UK registration document.
Rovers North and British Atlantic carry parts
Known mileage:-
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1991 69,702
1992 72,568
1994 80,446
1995 82,915
1997 88,040
1999 92,278
current 100,635
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